Craig Strain
Music Director/Conductor

Motor City Brass Band is fortunate to have Craig Strain as its Musical Director and Conductor. Craig received a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Performance and Political Science and a Bachelor of Music Education as well as a Masters Degree in Music Composition and Trumpet from Eastern Michigan University. Following an extensive career in teaching which included high school, community college and Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, Craig is currently performing and arranging music, owner and operator of a 24 track digital recording studio, directing and/or leading several musical organizations.

In 1996 when this fledgling band concluded its second rehearsal one of the tuba players, a friend of Craig’s, invited him to rehearse the band. By the end of the session the affinity between the musicians and Craig was evident and he was asked to be the Music Director and Conductor. Since then he has played a vital role in the band’s growth. There has been growth in membership and, because of Craig's understanding of the musical and technical capabilities of brass instruments and his experience as a brass performer, teacher, arranger, and conductor, he has taken Motor City Brass Band to ever higher levels of musicianship and performance.

A prolific arranger for many genres, his clients include drum and bugle corps, marching bands, brass quintets, brass bands, (many of these for Motor City Brass Band), orchestras, professional and school jazz bands, and national as well as local acts and bands. For more about Craig's arrangements and other musical organizations go to